Drying Panties Indoor.

MARANG: Women in the quiet suburb of Alur Limbat are outraged that a man they had known was responsible for stealing their panties – and they are now going to dry their washed undergarments indoors.

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Jemur di dalam? Kena guna Fabreeze ni. Tak nanti bau semacam. Hahaha …  Hai, menyusahkan betul mamat ni.

By: Bart O’Shea

Published: June 7, 2010

Debt is a common problem. Many individuals are drowning in debt and bills. Know that there are many different professional services that you can employ in order to reduce or eliminate your debt. Everyone’s situation is unique and different, but there are debt management solutions available for everyone.

You can try and work this out on your own, but that can be very overwhelming. It is advisable that you seek a free session with trained professionals that can look at your situation and your finances and help you find a way out. There are many ways out of debt, and some basic information is in order.

Debt consolidation is often the method of choice for individuals trying to find a way out of debt. It is a very good solution to credit card debt and other types of bills. With this method, your creditors will generally agree to ease interest rates and reduce your late payment fees. You will need to make a monthly payment to your consolidation company, which will then pay your creditors.

Another path to financial freedom is debt settlement. Look for a company who will contact your creditors. Your bills can be reduced anywhere from forty to sixty percent. You will need to pay a fixed monthly fee to your settlement company. That money will eventually be used to pay off your debt. Know that this can have damaging effects on your credit score.

Many people seek the help of credit counselors. They will analyze your financial situation and prepare a budget that will allow you to pay off your debt quickly. This is one of the most popular methods of debt relief. There are many non-profit agencies that can help you in a variety of ways.

The easiest way of dealing with debt is learning to eliminate the threat of debt in the first place. An intelligent and realistic examination of your bills is in order to avoid falling behind. Always pay your monthly rent, credit card payments, and car or loan payments on time. Be smart, and never spend money that you cannot pay back. Do not live above your means, it is a sure way to end up falling behind on your bills.

Debt can be a very difficult thing to deal with, but you are not alone. Millions of people are in debt or dangerously close to it. If you can find the right method of relief, you can fix the issue and move on to better finances. Remember the mistakes that put you into this position and never let them happen again.

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By: Wendy Adams

Published: June 5, 2010

So you have all this great camera kit and you want to take it on a photo tour in an exotic land – but there is a problem! How do you get it there safely? The more robust and professional the grade of the kit, the heavier it becomes and the harder to get it where you want it to be.

For example, a kit of 2 Nikon D3 bodies, a 17-35 f2.8, a 50 f1.4, a 70-200 f2.8 VR and a TC 17E weighs in at around 6kg (approximately 13lbs for the non metrics!) if you include the charger and say 3 batteries. Not including the bag.

Few photographers are willing to check in their equipment (although I have read of some in the USA who use FedEx to ship Pelican cases to location when they are travelling within the US) so that means you need it with you as carry on luggage. The carry on limit is usually 7kg, so in this scenario you cannot use any bag weighing more than 1 kg (2.2lbs) empty.

Given that most roller bags and camera backpacks weigh in at around the 3-4 kg mark when empty (around 7lbs) they are not useful in this scenario. The Think Tank Ultralight backpack might just get you aboard if you fill your coat pockets with the batteries and cables!

From a working photographer’s point of view, backpacks are not a very good solution. As a transport system they are fine but to work from? No thanks. It is just inefficient to have to stop, heave the pack off and plonk it the dirt/cow dung/monsoon mud etc, look for the item you wanted, zip it back up, heave it back on and set off again!

It exposes your gear to view which can be unwise, it exposes it to the elements and it is awkward in many places to find space to actually do it.

So should I get a shoulder bag, I hear you wondering? Perhaps. That certainly gives you better working access and keeps the gear close. However, imagine you have arrived in Calcutta. It is 38 C (100F) and the heat is sapping your strength and patience. You set off to the market with 7kg (15lbs) hanging off one shoulder – not fun! Before long you will be lightning the bag by leaving things in your room and then miss shots because of it.

You will probably start thinking about the camera you are using. Perhaps a Canon G11 would do the trick instead? Or a Leica M9? I have certainly considered the Leica solution but at US$6000 for the body alone it is an expensive investment for a manual focus digital camera that will probably be superseded 5 times in 10 years. Also, on most other assignments a DSLR is a better choice.

My answer? Beltpacks. I use a Think Tank Speed Racer. It will carry only one body, but has attachment loops for Think Tank Modular components on the belt, so I can add space for another body if need be. I usually add a water bottle pouch on one side – very useful. The belt is wide and can be tucked away to make a handy shoulder bag – and there is a harness that quickly attaches to make it a light duty backpack for swift hands-free carrying in airports etc. It is by no means perfect, but it’s a good compromise.

Unless someone invents the ideal camera bag, photographers will continue to confound their significant others with an ever increasing collection of bags! I have 9 at last count.

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SEREMBAN, Sept 11(Bernama)
The police have detained two men and a Vietnamese woman for alleged possession of ganja weighing 22 grammes and growing three ganja plants at a house in Taman Labu Jaya here, early Friday.

This followed a police raid at the house in Jalan Sungai Ujong about 2am.

State Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department deputy chief DSP Maidu Abu Bakar said the suspects, aged between 30 and 57, were remanded for seven days to facilitate investigations.

Note: It could be that the economic downturn had affected them badly enough to resort to this course of action. Anyway, it is wrong and illegal and as the saying goes – It’s time to face the music.

A Visit To The MV Doulos.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon yesterday when the family and me paid a visit to the visiting ship MV Doulos. (For more info about the ship and its crew, please log on to here.)

The MV Doulos

Actually this was not the first time the ship berthed here in Kota Kinabalu. In fact it’s been several times over the years. I was in primary 5 when I first visited the ship back then and now after a lapsed of 35 years I paid my second visit.

A section of the crowd.

It’s a sort of floating bookstore and there are a variety of books available for sale. I dare say most of the books are not available here in the local bookstores and the prices offered are quite cheap too in comparison.

These greeting cards pictures caught my attention.

Especially this.

The crew that handled the visitors are interesting too. All of them are volunteers and comprises of different nationalities. We bought several books and some souvenirs like key chains and left only when my daughter started to feel seasick.

We were all quite hopeful to seethe ship making another port call again next year.

Can Making Dreams Come True Be As Easy As Brushing Our Teeth

by Masami Sato

What if making dreams come true is just so easy? Can we let go of our doubts? Is it possible? How can we do it so magically so that it is as easy as brushing our teeth? This excerpt from ONE Book by Masami Sato shows us exactly how to do it step-by-step, preparing you to start walking towards your dreams today.

Every one of us has dreams. But every one does not have faith in themselves to have and live those dreams in their own lifetime. In reality, the secret of having such assurance is simple. The reason for our doubting it so much is also clear.

We can now start by asking ourselves the first question..

Why do we not do the things we want to do?

Our thoughts usually stop us from acting. Sometimes the more we think about something, the less we become committed to achieve what we set out to do in the first place. Because the more we think about it, we tend to come up with more and more reasons for not doing it.

Is it then possible to be sure that we will definitely accomplish what we want to do in our life?

Yes, absolutely! For a start, let’s look at the power of habits

If we are scheduled to go to a meeting tomorrow night, we wouldn’t spend lots of time thinking whether we can get there or not. We wouldn’t be concerned about the chance of having a car accident and missing the appointment. Just like when we are walking to the bathroom, we wouldn’t worry that the toilet might be broken!

We have so much more sureness about these types of ‘normal’ activities we indulge in every day. They are the habits.

However, we are doubtful about our dreams

The interesting part is that there are several things that we are not very sure about. These are the things that we really want to do in our lives – our Dreams!

So, what is the secret for the assurance that we will realize our dreams?

First: Decide to make it a daily habit!

We can get started by being more confident about our acts meant to meet our desires – the type of dreams that actually fosters our life.

So, for example, if your dream is to give and contribute to society and giving is a key desire in your life, there is no reason to doubt that it’s possible for you to contribute to others. It can just become one of your daily habits.

Second: Try to make it as important (and as much easy) as brushing teeth..

Achieving our dreams can be just like brushing our teeth. It wouldn’t feel good if we didn’t brush our teeth for a long time, would it? We wouldn’t spend hours thinking of which toothpaste to use or delay the good feeling of having clean teeth for other ‘priorities’. We feel uncomfortable if our teeth are not clean. So we just clean them!

Looking at our example, if giving is what we desire most, then we should ask ourselves a few questions: What if giving is truly as important as brushing one’s teeth? What if it is giving us a comfortable feeling? What if it aids in remaining healthy?

No matter how much or little we perceive we have right now, we really can start giving and sharing today. So no matter how seemingly impossible it is to achieve our dreams, we can start walking towards them today. We can if we see it as something important, a top priority that we should do every day! Then we won’t feel comfortable if we don’t do it. Just like brushing our teeth.

and Third: Always give first, then we will get

When we start giving before we even have what we hope to get – that which we dream of – we are sending out a powerful message to ourselves which tells us, ‘there is enough, and more will come.’ It allows us to feel the joy today – the joy of giving.

If you want to be prosperous, be generous. And then you would be blessed with loads of everything. If you are knowledgeable enough to do so, do not be scared of teaching others. And you will learn more. If you want to share things, share freely. Do not expect anything in return. Just let go. And joy will automatically be returned to you. The simple joy o f giving.

So do not be afraid to share and give what you have, for it will not hinder you from achieving your purpose, whatever it is. It will only make you achieve your dreams quicker. And your journey there will be full of joy.

But are not habits very small, when compared to our BIG dreams?

Just do it, don’t be concerned about the ‘scale’

Anything can happen in life. Things may develop in a small way. And these small things might take us to another action, and that will connect to another. The sureness we feel about our actions, and managing them one by one, keeps on taking us forward. But if we think that it is not possible to do something now, just because it is a little formidable, it simply will not happen.

The secret of achieving one’s dreams has always been there, and it will always be there. Those who are winners, who have inspired others, and have known perfect joy, have realized this. They are continuously using it.

Dreams and marvels are not accidents. We make them through our options.

So, are you likely to start moving towards your dreams today?

Contents are excerpted with minor modification from ONE, a book written by Masami Sato. To get a free copy of ONE, visit http://www.B1G1.com and start sharing the joy of giving. Feel free to use or republish the content of the above article, fully or partially, as long as it is preserved in its original content, with proper attribution to Masami Sato and http://www.B1G1.com.

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